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Mobile Surgical Instrument Repair Keeping Your OR Operating Efficiently

Onsite Medical Equipment Repair Services Offer Quick and Affordable Restoration of Your Operating Room Instruments

Green Medical has revolutionized the mobile healthcare equipment repair market. Our onsite surgical equipment repair services bring our state of the art repair labs to you. With our innovative approach, your medical equipment never has to leave your facility.

Equipped with all of the necessary machines and equipment required for sharpening, our mobile surgical instrument repair center makes restoring your equipment convenient and cost-effective.

Surgical Equipment Repair Carts Easily Maneuver Healthcare Facilities

Instead of bringing your equipment into the parking lot like other medical equipment repair companies, our mobile repair cart is designed to easily maneuver the halls of your facility. The inventive design fits inside standard hospital elevators, bringing the repair center to the location of the damaged or dull equipment.

We have eliminated the need to lug instruments and medical devices through the building and parking lot. Patients and workers won’t see the equipment being serviced while keeping hallways free and unobstructed.

Green Medical’s mobile repair cart is a truly “green” solution. Aside from saving you thousands of dollars which accompany a traditional repair truck, our mobile repair center can stay at your hospital or surgical center for a small fee.

Medical Equipment Maintenance Training

We will train your hospital staff to sharpen surgical scissors and perform routine maintenance. Helping your hospital keep your medical machines in excellent working order without having to wait for our repair technicians to visit your facility. Extend the life of your medical equipment with Green Medical’s mobile repair services.

Contact our surgical instrument repair technicians for more information on our mobile medical equipment repair services and how to rent the cart at your hospital.

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