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Ultrasound Probe Repair

Restore Ultrasound and Transducer Probes Back to Optimal Operation

An ultrasound is an important tool when diagnosing patients or for expectant mothers eager to view their growing baby. The ultrasound probe and transducer are the most critical parts of the ultrasound machine, making proper operation crucial.

At Green Medical, we have an entire team dedicated to quality ultrasound transducer and probe repair.

Refurbished Ultrasound Probes

If it is determined the damage is too extensive or repair will not provide a long term solution, we will recommend replacing the probe. GMED is a trusted medical equipment provider, getting our clients used or new equipment at prices that won’t break their budget.

From lens repair to cable and connector replacement, our team of experts will get the repair done right the first time, meeting and exceeding industry standards. Don’t let faulty ultrasound probes lead to an inaccurate diagnosis or keep a growing family from seeing the newest member, choose Green Medical for all your medical equipment repair needs.

Ultrasound Probe RepairsMedical Repair Technicians Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly

GMED becomes trusted partners to each of our clients, visiting their facilities and taking measures to properly understand their medical equipment needs. Once you meet with one of our representatives, they will be your contact from start to finish, always returning your calls and making sure your operating room is running efficiently with the most cost-effective solutions.

We will send you the proper shipping labels for your damaged or broken ultrasound probes. Before beginning repairs, we will inspect the equipment to ensure repair is the best plan of action and identify the source of the problem before image quality is compromised.

You will receive a quote on your repairs within 24 hours of the equipment arriving at our repair facility. We also provide replacement equipment to keep your operating room functioning at optimal efficiency while your transducer probes are being repaired.

Contact our ultrasound probe repair technicians for more information on our restoration services or for shipping details.

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