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New and Refurbished Medical Equipment for Sale

Used Medical Equipment Saving Hospitals and Surgical Centers Money

When purchasing medical equipment is a regular occurrence for your facility, you want a company who can properly evaluate your equipment needs and provide cost-effective solutions to keep your budget intact.

Green Medical Corp is unlike any other medical equipment provider; we become trusted partners to your hospital, veterinary clinic, or surgical center. Providing a familiar face you can contact whenever a medical equipment need arises.

Whether you need our staff to assess your specific situation and provide a solution or you are looking for a specific item (new or used), GMED will deliver with quick responses and budget considerate results.

Medical Equipment for Sale:

        • Anesthesia Equipment
        • Patient Monitoring Equipment
        • Cables and Sensors
        • Operating Room Tables
        • Endoscopy Equipment
        • Surgical Lights
        • Autoclaves and Sterilizers
        • Vital Signs Monitors
        • Respiratory Ventilators
        • Patient Transport Equipment
        • Defibrillators
        • Electrocautery Machines
        • Infusion Pumps
        • Medical Warmers
        • Microscopes
        • Surgical Headlights
        • Medical Furniture
        • Anesthesia Vaporizers
        • Suction Pumps
        • And More

 No matter your surgical equipment need, Green Medical has you covered. We will provide you with the best refurbished medical equipment at the best prices, whether you are looking for anything from patient monitoring equipment to anesthesia equipment.

Trust GMED for all of your medical equipment repair and purchasing needs. We will be a dedicated partner looking out for the best interests of your medical facility and patients.

Contact our used and new medical equipment providers for surgical equipment and supplies meeting your needs and budget.

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    Name: MRI Test Product Two
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    MRI Test Product Two
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    Name: Surgical Instruments Test Three
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    Surgical Instruments Test Three
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    Hospital Bed Test Product

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