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Cost-Efficient Medical Equipment Solutions for Hospitals

Surgical Equipment Repair Services Saving Your Hospital Money

Hospital equipment services including instrument repair and equipment salesGreen Medical is the ultimate resource for repairing or replacing your operating room equipment. We pride ourselves on forming a working relationship with your hospital, so we can better meet your specific needs.

From repairing hospital beds to selling refurbished medical supplies, GMED is here to save you money on overall operating costs. We look at all the elements involved in your medical facility’s day to day operations to determine which route would save your hospital the most money.

Typically, buying refurbished medical equipment is three times cheaper than buying it brand new. Our team of highly trained technicians will find the proper replacement product, or repair the broken item quickly and efficiently.

Medical Equipment Repair Services

Green Medical offers convenient repair solutions. You can send your broken surgical equipment to our repair facility, or we will dispatch our mobile repair lab to your location. While your equipment is being worked on, Green Medical even offers free loaners for the duration of the repairs.

We have the ability to repair a wide range of top medical brands including:

  • Stryker
  • Simmer
  • Medtronic
  • Criticare
  • Integra
  • Midmark
  • And More!

We offer our services nationally to facilities of any size from major medical operating centers to small rural hospitals. Running a healthcare facility is expensive; we help your hospital run at maximum capacity with the lowest possible cost.

Contact the medical equipment repair company hospitals trust for cost-effective solutions to all of their surgical equipment and instrument needs.


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